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Improving the mood with room diffusers: how to choose the right fragrance for each room

Perfumers, candles and incense, when well-being passes through smell and aromatherapy

Well-being is also a matter of smell. Protagonists of a real sales boom, air fresheners are among the most purchased household items in the last year.

Thanks to the prolonged stay in the home, diffusers, fragrances and candles have become " must haves ", perfect for helping to create a more comfortable and pleasant habitat. The beneficial power of aromatherapy is in fact known: smelling one's favorite fragrances, which perhaps recall a hike in the mountains or a trip to the sea, allows us to escape, in a certain sense, even if only with the mind, improving our mood .

Relaxing, energizing, stimulating: each room has its own fragrance ! In recent months, the home has often also become our office, our do-it-yourself gym, our cinema and our "club" or restaurant for festive moments. Depending on the different environments, tastes and needs, the choice of fragrances plays an essential role. For example, if in the bedroom it is better to prefer relaxing aromas, in the living area it will be better to choose a more energizing solution! Here's how to create your own welcoming "shelter" that positively stimulates our senses .

The entrance is the first room to which you have access and it is always pleasant to be pervaded by an immediate smell of clean when you open the door, without exaggerating. If the entrance is small, it is best to avoid perfumers that are too large or essences that are too intense. Preferably fresh and Mediterranean scents .

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In the kitchen and living room , activities range from preparing food to consuming it, from watching a film to simply having a chat. In this case the choice of fragrance depends on the specific occasion. For example, while sharing the table, fragrances such as jasmine , cloves , green leaves or vanilla are welcome. For a moment of pause, meditation or yoga, it is better to opt for sandalwood or patchouli scented incense instead.

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In the room dedicated to study or work , it is important to choose a refreshing fragrance that favors concentration, for example mint , cedar , eucalyptus , marine scents . Fresher room, fresher mind!

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In the bathroom , on the other hand, the two main needs are: maintaining a good smell and pampering yourself during a moment of relaxation, for example a hot bath in the tub. For the first need you can prefer perfumes that we usually associate with clean such as talcum powder , mint , lemon . To relax , however , you can give vent to your creativity with candles with delicious fragrances such as strawberry , chocolate , coconut or vanilla .

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Finally, the bedroom : as it is easy to imagine, here the fragrances must promote relaxation and rest for a longer and more peaceful sleep. For example, you can choose, according to your tastes, from rose , chamomile , lavender , orange blossom , tea tree .

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