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Do-it-yourself spa to relax at home

Here's how to pamper yourself by creating a real home spa

Stress, tiredness, muscle tension, heavy head… sometimes a few simple gestures are enough to switch off and drive away all the accumulated malaise ! When it's not possible to go to the spa, or if you don't have the time, it's still important to take care of your body. Treating yourself to a break to pamper yourself is essential for both physical and mental health , as it helps to relax the nerves, loosen the muscles and improve the mood, to fully relax and start again with more energy!

Creating your own home wellness center is easier than you think: just follow 4 simple steps to create a relaxing environment, rid your skin of impurities and finally regenerate and hydrate the whole body, from head to toe. Here's how to do it, in detail, and which products to use.


Soft lights, scented candles , essential oils : well-being is also a matter of sight and smell. Creating a pleasant environment is the first step to begin to relax, just tidy up the room where you are, arrange objects and decorations so that they are visually pleasing, diffuse fragrances to stimulate the senses even with aromatherapy. Using scented candles, such as jasmine, cinnamon, white musk or vanilla, as well as deodorizing, creates the right atmosphere. Alternatively, or in addition, essential oils, such as Tea Tree or Oil 31, can be used to purify the air with balsamic and beneficial effects .


Scented Candle in Glass - 4 Fragrances

Tea Lights, pack of 10 candles - 7 Fragrances

Tea Tree Essential Oil with Dropper 100 ml

Essential Oil 31 Herbs Krauterol with Dropper - 100 ml


To get rid of stress and tiredness we must also get rid of the waste accumulated on the skin , starting with the face . A miraculous remedy against impurities and blackheads is the black mask , the famous black mask with vegetable charcoal. The removable one with peel-off effect is the most comfortable and "fun" to use, as, once detached, the impurities remain visible on the film. For the body , on the other hand, you can use any scrub , to eliminate dead cells and smooth the skin for an immediate feeling of softness!


Black Mask Peel Off Effect, 100 ml

Almond Body Scrub - 100 ml


After cleansing and purifying your face, your skin also needs the right hydration and protection . Applying a specific serum to the face , chosen according to one's needs, not only tones and regenerates the epidermis, but also helps to relax thanks to the very gesture of performing a delicate massage on the face. The serum is a true elixir of well-being and, used before the face cream, it enhances its effectiveness. To increase skin softness and elasticity, choose a face and eye contour cream with hyaluronic acid , plumping and energizing . The result will be a visibly brighter and more rested look.


Rose Water and Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 100 ml

Anti-Aging Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid - 100 ml

Face cream + serum set (choose between mature or young skin)


Finally, before concluding the wellness program, some pampering for the skin of the whole body , including the hands and feet . After a thorough cleaning or a scrub, it is always good to moisturize and nourish the skin. Let's start with the feet: applying the cream, pausing to massage the soles of the feet and ankles for a few minutes, not only immediately causes a calming effect but helps reactivate circulation. For the body, on the other hand, choose a light, rapidly absorbed cream that can soothe and smooth the skin. Finally, the hands: they have helped us throughout our journey and are, together with the face, the most exposed part of the body during the day, and for this reason they deserve a specific nutritional treatment , perhaps based on aloe vera and vitamins .


Medicinal Relax Creams 100 ml

Soothing and Smoothing Foot Cream - 170 ml

Hand Cream Aloe Vera and Vitamin A - 175 ml

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