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Arnica: because this plant is considered miraculous for our well-being

Uses and benefits of Arnica flowers and their use in cosmetics

Known for its soothing properties , Arnica montana is a herbaceous plant that grows spontaneously in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions. In addition to coloring meadows and countryside yellow, its daisy-shaped flowers are widely used in herbal medicine and cosmetics as they contain precious substances for our well-being . In fact, natural products are obtained for topical use which help to relieve pain , stimulating circulation and also acting as anti-inflammatories in case of ailments of a different nature. They are also used as aids in healing from injuries, bruises, sprains, sprains, hematomas, etc.

In particular, the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties derive from the presence of active ingredients such as flavonoids, triterpenes, helenalin and essential oil.

It has also been shown that arnica promotes the reabsorption of bruises , and some of the substances present in it seem to stimulate cardiac activity, relieving light heart-related ailments. But its uses are not limited to this: it can in fact be used for example against osteoarthritis , muscle and joint pain. Finally, thanks to its antiseptic properties , it is also used in inflammation of the skin. Applied topically, it helps fight acne, irritation, insect bites or pimples.

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