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Prepare the skin for sun exposure to tan quickly and optimally

From scrub to intensifier: all the secrets for a perfect tan

If at the end of summer the skin is dry and the tan is uneven and dull , the reason is very simple: we hadn't adequately prepared the epidermis for exposure to the sun. But don't worry, the steps to follow are few and really simple.

Let's see what to do to tan quickly, optimally and safely.

During the winter and spring seasons it is good practice to take care of your skin, protect it from the cold, free it from impurities and moisturize it. Once a week it is good to encourage cell turnover with an exfoliator for the face and body. Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, you can opt for more delicate solutions (especially for the face) or more intense ones. In the second case, you can also try applying the scrub on dry rather than wet skin for a more in-depth action. After exfoliation it is always essential to guarantee hydration and protection for the skin, choosing restructuring and nourishing creams.


However, skin care and treatments cannot be separated from nutrition : in fact, some foods, in addition to having very important nutritional properties, help to stimulate the synthesis of melanin , favoring a perfect tan. These are foods rich in carotene , such as carrots, apricots, melons, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. For an even more targeted action there are also some ad hoc supplements , to start taking at least a month before exposure to the sun .

As the warm season approaches, it's a good idea to gradually start exposing yourself to the sun , especially in the case of fair and sensitive skin : a few hours on spring weekends will help prepare the skin by avoiding sudden stress during the holidays.

Obviously, sunscreen , essential to avoid burns or rashes, and after- sun lotion, which not only soothes the skin but helps keep the tan glowing, must never be missing in the suitcase.

And if you want to intensify and even out the tan even more, you can apply an " accelerator ", specifically designed to promote the production of melanin.

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