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Here's how to tan safely and naturally

What are the allied foods of a tan and panacea for the health of the whole body

The quality and intensity of your tan depends on several factors. Among these, nutrition is very important. If there are many supplements and products available to prepare the skin for exposure to the sun, even the food we eat is crucial for a perfect tan.

On the podium of allied tanning foods we find fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A , which stimulates the production of melanin , which in turn protects against sunburn , improving and uniforming the skin tone.

Here is the list of foods with the highest quantity of vitamin A (micrograms contained in 100 grams of product) according to Coldiretti:

Carrots (1,200 micrograms of vitamin A)

Radicchio (500-600 micrograms of vitamin A)

Apricots (350-500 micrograms of vitamin A)

Lettuces and chicory (220-260 micrograms of vitamin A)

Celery (200 micrograms of vitamin A)

Melons (200 micrograms of vitamin A)

Peppers (100-150 micrograms of vitamin A)

Peaches (100 micrograms of vitamin A)

Tomatoes (50-100 micrograms of vitamin A)

Watermelons, strawberries and cherries (10-40 micrograms of vitamin A)

Fresh fruit and vegetables also contain other vitamins, mineral salts and precious liquids which keep the body healthy and fight free radicals produced by exposure to the sun. Features that make these foods a perfect snack to be eaten regularly under the umbrella. In addition to hydrating and protecting from the heat, they are in fact natural antioxidants !

And to soothe and nourish the skin after tanning, try the delicious Lady Venezia body creams which exploit all the benefits of fruit, also helping to firm the skin and fight cellulite.

Choose between: Kiwi , Blackberry , Mandarin , Pomegranate , Watermelon , Mango , Strawberry , Apricot .

A pure concentrate of sweetness!

Other promotional products recommended for a perfect tan:

Face & Body Sun Spray with Beta Carotene and Walnut Hull 60 ml

Tanning Spumone with Carrot and Coconut Water for Medium-Light Skin 100 ml

Tanning Spumone with Beer and Olive Oil for Dark Skin 100 ml

Spumone After Sun with Pineapple and Papaya Soothing and Purifying 100 ml

Spumone After Sun with Aloe Vera and Chamomile Soothing and Calming 100

It is recommended to always apply your sunscreen before tanning intensifiers (spumoni and sprays) and to expose yourself to the sun gradually and only in the cooler hours to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays.

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