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Rose Water and Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 100 ml

Rose Water and Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 100 ml

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The Youth Serum based on Hyaluronic Acid and Distilled Rose Water:
- Increases skin elasticity (+14%);
- has a plumping action (+ 10% already with the first applications);
- retains water in the skin ensuring a correct level of hydration. Being of low molecular weight (50Kda) it easily penetrates the skin, favoring a beneficial action.
The serum is a perfect treatment to increase the well-being of the skin of the face and neck thanks to its elements of natural origin.
- Distilled Rose Water
Rose water is an aqueous solution obtained by steam distillation of rose petals. Contains Vitamin A, B, C, and Vitamin E which perform an antioxidant and toning action that make it excellent for skin care. In cosmetics, rose water is used as a refreshing, toning, soothing and astringent; moreover, the perfume industry uses it for the production of perfumed waters. The solution thus created contains vitamins which in synergy with each other perform an antioxidant and toning action.
- Organic Witch Hazel Extract
Its remarkable properties can be traced back to the high concentration of active ingredients: in fact, there are tannins, flavonoids, phenols and essential oils which perform a decongestant and anti-inflammatory action. For their decongestant and protective action on the microcirculation, witch hazel extracts are widely used in cosmetic products for reddened, easily irritable and couperose skin. Thanks to its astringent and purifying properties, witch hazel is also used in cosmetics intended for impure skin with dilated pores.
- Organic Birch Extract
It is rich in vitamins and nutrients capable of maintaining skin hydration, refreshing and toning it.

Directions for use: Massage with the essence on the desired area until completely absorbed. Apply daily morning and evening on cleansed skin. To be used alone or applied before the face cream.

Made in Italy

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