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Golden Rose Eyeshadow Palette

Golden Rose Eyeshadow Palette

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Golden Rose is the ultra-professional eyeshadow palette designed to enhance your gaze with 12 different irresistible and trendy shades , to feel perfect on every occasion!

From metallic to matte, from the strongest and brightest colors to the warmest and softest ones: have fun creating fantastic looks, whether you want to appear natural and refined or gritty and sophisticated. The Golden Rose eyeshadow palette embellishes your makeup giving intensity and elegance to your gaze . The mix of colors also makes it suitable for both day and evening.

Unleash your imagination with the 12 captivating shades of the Golden Rose palette: Silver, Gold, Bronze, Skin, Amber, Mild Brown, Dark Brown, Pink Glitter, Shade Pink, Pink Lady, Dark Red, Mauve.

For a simple and precise application: spread the eyeshadow on the perfectly cleansed eyelid using the practical double brush included in the package .

Packaging details:

1 eyeshadow palette with 12 powder colors

Dimensions of the palette: 19.8 x 8.4 x 1.4 cm

Size per color: 2 x 2cm

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