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Tea Tree Essential Oil with Dropper 100 ml

Tea Tree Essential Oil with Dropper 100 ml

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Tea Tree Essential Oil:
- it is used for the prevention of skin fungi, herpes, leeks, warts and mycosis of the nails;
- has emollient and soothing properties;
- carries out a preventive action that can be used in combination with anti-pediculosis treatments, which can affect adults and school-age children, and animal parasites;
- Mucolytic, its vapors can ensure well-being for breathing and fight flu syndromes characterized by the presence of mucus and phlegm. In fact, if inhaled, it is able to carry out an effective fluidifying and expectorant action on the respiratory tract; like all balsamic oils, it acts on stuffy nose;
- used as an essence, it allows you to perfume the environment by eliminating bad smells such as smoke, pet and cooking smells.

Tea Tree Oil is obtained from Malaleuca Alternifolia, a plant of the Mirtaceae family, known for its numerous beneficial properties. Its leaves, linear and long, have been found to be particularly beneficial for humans.
Made in Italy

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