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Essential Oil 31 Herbs Krauterol Bottle - 100 ml

Essential Oil 31 Herbs Krauterol Bottle - 100 ml

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Krauterol Essential Oil 31 Herbs has refreshing, toning, balsamic and firming properties.
The essential oils that compose it act in synergy with each other and this makes it a product with infinite beneficial properties.
- thanks to its versatility it can be used in many situations:
- it is used by masseurs, physiotherapists, coaches because it is useful for relieving muscle pain or numb muscles (just treat the area with a few drops of oil mixed with a cream).
- it is also useful for inflammation such as stiff neck and cervical;
- ideal for body and foot care in case of bad smell or tired feet;
- it is also used as a refreshing and soothing product;
- it is useful if you want to have a relaxing massage by pouring a few drops of oil on the part to be massaged;
- useful for clearing the airways by inhaling or putting 2 drops in a tissue to press on the nose;
- it's excellent for headaches: massage the temples with a few drops of oil mixed with a neutral cream;
- it's great for dry, oily skin and also against stretch marks, even after shaving it helps to tone the skin of the face;
- it can be added to the water in the footbath (5 drops are sufficient), at the end of the footbath the feet can be massaged directly with a few drops of the product;
- used as an essence, it allows you to perfume the environment by eliminating bad smells such as smoke, pet and cooking smells.
31 Herbs oil is a product obtained from a blend of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants carefully chosen for their beneficial properties. Wild plants or plants grown in natural conditions and strict quality controls guarantee the efficiency of the ancient original recipe.
Precautions for use: Always wash your hands after using the 31 oil so that it does not get into your eyes and never use on wounds or abrasions.
Made in Italy

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