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Essences in Drops - 12 fragrances

Essences in Drops - 12 fragrances

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Lady Venezia Essences in Drops are a concentrate of inebriating fragrances that can be used to deodorize and perfume.

How to use: add a few drops to the water you bathe in or add small quantities to the radiator humidifier, iron, essence burner, dried flowers or potpourri, washing machine or vacuum.

Dilution: to be diluted in a percentage of 1% of the finished product, ie about 20 drops or 1ml of essential oil for every 100ml of vegetable oil (carrier). Do not use pure (undiluted) on the skin. The product can be used with a maximum dilution of 3% on the body and in bath water.

Dermatologically tested. Total absence of heavy metals (nickel, chromium, cobalt).


11 fragrances


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