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Gold 24K face cream - Luxury Lifting with Colloidal Gold

Gold 24K face cream - Luxury Lifting with Colloidal Gold

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Formulated for 99% with ingredients of natural origin

Anti-aging becomes luxury and elegance with the precious Lady Venezia Gold 24K Face Cream . With a pearly texture, it contains extracts of Honey and Royal Jelly, Vitamin E and Colloidal Gold . Applied to the skin it gives brightness by releasing crystals of light. Gold particles, a material used in cosmetics since ancient times, bring various benefits to the skin, improving its appearance and counteracting its aging.

The anti-aging action also lights up the complexion, giving it a shiny and toned softness.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply morning and evening to well cleansed and dry face and neck. Then proceed with movements from bottom to top until completely absorbed. Follow the correct application directions indicated in the illustration on the product packaging.



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