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Slimming Cream for Belly and Hips - Lipo-reducing & Anti-swelling - 250 ml

Slimming Cream for Belly and Hips - Lipo-reducing & Anti-swelling - 250 ml

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Body Lifting Cream - Body cream with organic ingredients

Menthol, Caffeine and Red Algae

Lady Venezia Slimming Belly and Hips Cream is a hot-cold body treatment with a liporeducing and anti-swelling effect, based on Menthol, Caffeine and Red Algae.

During application and absorption, a pleasant sensation of freshness is felt, followed, after a few minutes, by a sensation of warmth and a slight sting, with possible redness due to the increase in skin microcirculation. It has a slimming, firming, elasticising, antioxidant and draining action. Helps reshape and regenerate the body.

Fragrance: Menthol

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply in the evening before going to sleep and massage the belly and buttocks for a long time, to facilitate penetration, with circular movements from top to bottom.

Formulated for 99% with ingredients of natural origin


no dyes - no parabens - no paraffins - no palm oil - no ogm - no sls - no sles


MENTHOL . It produces a cooling sensation, but does not lower body or skin temperature. It has an important refreshing and toning action and helps reduce the appearance of imperfections.

CAFFEINE . It helps the body burn the fatty tissue deposits that cause cellulite. It also has draining properties that help remove and dispose of liquids that stagnate between the tissues. It is rich in anti-oxidants which make it an active anti-aging cosmetic, counteracting the degenerative action of free radicals, considered the main causes of skin ageing.

RED ALGAE . Rich in benefits and properties, they have the gift of toning and revitalizing the epidermis by acting against the signs of aging and the natural loss of elasticity. They help feed the collagen and elastin fibers, keeping the skin supple and compact and emphasizing its natural luminosity.


Made in Italy

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