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Ice Gel Leg Cream - 150 ml

Ice Gel Leg Cream - 150 ml

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All the freshness and regenerating power of nature in a leg cream that exploits the anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties of menthol and Irish moss .

The application of the gel causes a pleasant cooling effect , useful for combating tiredness, heaviness, swelling and muscle pain. Combining the antiseptic and anesthetic action of menthol with the antioxidant and draining action of Irish moss, thanks to its light and quick-drying consistency, it is easy to apply and immediately gives a feeling of relief and lightness.

Toning and soothing, it helps drain liquids and reactivates microcirculation . It is ideal for those who practice a lot of sport but also for those who do sedentary jobs or are forced to spend many hours standing. It promotes muscle relaxation and has a restful and relaxing effect.

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