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Get back in shape in 5 steps, without stress

Advice and products to reactivate the metabolism and get back in shape.

Holidays and dinners, as we know, are enemies of the figure. After a well-deserved relaxation, and after a few toasts and a few panettone too many, the first thought is "dietary starting tomorrow". But going back to the daily routine abruptly subjecting yourself to strict diets and tight rhythms can be harmful to our psychophysical well-being.

>>> So here's how to get back on track in peace, without stress and without excesses.

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  1. Set in motion, gently. To get your body moving and relax your mind, there's nothing better than a walk, a ride or a run in the open air, when possible, or a little gentle gymnastics, in the gym or at home. Not forgetting some stretching. Half an hour a day is enough to reactivate circulation and metabolism. By involving a friend, keeping the commitment will be easier and more fun!
  1. Detox smoothies and infusions. For a tasteful detox, create smoothies and herbal teas with your favorite ingredients. Here is a list of foods that help deflate and purify the body: fennel, apples, ginger, carrots, aloe vera, pomegranate, avocado, pineapple, lemon, strawberries, grapes, cherries, turmeric, green tea, gentian, angelica... However, remember that water is in first place in importance: by drinking 2 liters of it a day, water-soluble toxins are disposed of, also accelerating the metabolic and digestive processes. Here's a secret to drinking more: do-it-yourself hot or cold infusions, zero calories and lots of taste! Try our bottle with infuser to get flavored water to always keep close at hand.
  1. Exfoliate, massage and moisturize the skin. To eliminate dead cells and toxins there is nothing better than a delicate scrub to be applied all over the body once a week. Exfoliation is a fundamental step to unclog pores, detoxify and regenerate the skin, slowing down its aging. Massage, or self-massage, is just as important to relax the epidermis, stimulate the microcirculation and get back in shape! Try our Almond or Pineapple Body Scrub , creamy and easy to apply, both on dry and wet skin. After exfoliation, moisturize the skin by massaging it with light and natural oils such as our line of Body Massage Natural Oils, eudermic and anti-aging oils suitable for even the most sensitive areas. To relax and awaken the senses!
  1. Firm and slim with skincare. To be combined with a balanced diet, the firming and slimming treatments are a boost to reduce roundness, reduce blemishes and speed up weight loss. Obviously, you have to choose the right products that best suit your needs. With the new Body Cream Lifting it is possible to act intensively and targeted on the areas of interest, pampering and reshaping the whole body. Choose between: Stretch Mark Repair Cream, Body and Buttocks Anti-Cellulite Cream, Belly and Hips Slimming Cream, Breast Firming Cream. To tone up and drain liquids, try cooling treatments such as the Ice Gel Leg Cream , ideal both for those who work sedentary or spend many hours on their feet, and for those who practice a lot of sport.
  1. Rest and sleep well. Last, but not least, some healthy rest! Taking a break from your daily toil, indulging in a moment of relaxation and creating the conditions for sleeping well are very important factors in regaining your figure. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day in fact reduces cortisol and ghrelin levels, helping to reduce hunger and regulate satiety.

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