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SOS chapped hands: how to remedy the damage caused by sanitizers and cold

Specific creams and tricks to follow

The regular use of detergents and disinfectants is a very important safeguard for our health, especially during a health emergency like the one we are experiencing. On the other hand, however, it contributes decisively to the loss of the lipid film that protects the epidermis from dryness, irritation and chapping. There are many factors that undermine the health of our skin, especially that of the hands, which are continuously subjected to the sanitizing action of the various alcohol-based gels, soaps, sprays and products that help us defend ourselves against the spread of the coronavirus. Being the part of the body most exposed to external agents, our hands also suffer the effects of the cold of the winter season, sudden changes in temperature and atmospheric pollution.

These conditions should not be underestimated as they can also cause the aggravation of pre-existing skin diseases, such as eczema.

It is therefore essential in this period to take care of our hands even more carefully. There are various solutions to prevent or treat damage caused by cold and sanitizers, restoring the protective barrier of the epidermis and restoring softness and elasticity to the skin. In addition to protecting, an ideal treatment must nourish, hydrate and possibly exert an anti-aging action. In fact, like face creams, hand creams are also "must have" products for the beauty routine, not only in winter or in adverse conditions.

A tip for choosing the most suitable products is to use different types of hand creams based on the time of day in which they are applied: for example, prefer a moisturizing and easily absorbed cream for the day, to avoid a greasy effect. , and for the evening a more consistent and nourishing compress to be left to act preferably all night, if necessary wearing cotton gloves.

It is good to favor products made with plant and herb extracts, such as almond, olive or argan oil, aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, shea butter, oats…

To give relief to chapped hands effectively and without spending a fortune, Lady Venezia offers some lines of creams - in jars or tubes - which exploit the powerful emollient, soothing and nourishing properties of these natural ingredients.

Did you know that… The scrub is as important as the cream

Applying hand cream is an indispensable beauty gesture, which must be accompanied by the use - even daily - of a delicate exfoliant, essential for keeping the skin smooth. Although it may seem paradoxical, the scrub helps prevent roughness, dryness or irritation, activating cell renewal and fortifying the skin.

Always dry your hands after washing

Before applying the cream it is good to cleanse your hands, provided you dry them thoroughly. In fact, if the skin remains moist, it is more exposed to the risk of dryness and sensitization: water in this case does not have a moisturizing effect but, on the contrary, can have the opposite result. Furthermore, with wet hands the transfer of germs and bacteria is 500 times faster than with dry hands!

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