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Summer skincare: skin care in the summer

All the tips for an always perfect summer beauty look

Summer is the time of year when we keep our skin uncovered and it is also the time when our skin needs the most care . Being made up of 64% water, heat and sweat cause dehydration, irritation and blockage of the pores .

Furthermore, the sultry climate puts a strain on our constancy in the daily skincare & make-up routine. Yet, with a few small tricks , it's possible to give your skin a healthy and glowing look all summer long !

Here are our recommendations:

  1. CLEANSE . Cleansing the skin is even more important during the hot months, both to contain the secretion of sebum and to prepare it for hydration, removing sweat and impurities with delicate and non-aggressive products on the skin, such as a light foam or vegetable soap .
  1. HYDRATE . After cleansing, the skin needs the right degree of hydration: it is advisable to use creams with a lighter consistency , bothfor the face and for the body , so as not to weigh it down and let it breathe.
  1. REFRESH . When we are subjected to excessively hot temperatures, the skin also suffers. For this reason it is good to cool off every now and then with a cold shower to revitalize the epidermis and promote circulation . When you are away from home, usebody sprays that give the skin freshness together with a delicate fragrance .
  1. PURIFY AND NOURISH . Is the scrub a friend or foe of a tan? Exfoliation , contrary to what one might think, does not remove color from our skin (in fact, melanin is formed in depth and not on the surface). Indeed, by eliminating dead cells, a scrub a week helps keep the skin tanned and purified . It is good to combine nourishing wraps and antioxidant products with the scrub. For the face, vitamin C serums are perfect, as they stimulate collagen production: ideal for radiant and smooth skin even in summer!
  1. PROTECT AND SOOTH . The sun is a great ally of our health, but excessive exposure can cause even very serious damage. This is why it is important to always use tanning products together with your own protective sunscreen and avoid too hot hours. In case of redness and burns, an infallible ally is aloe vera , a real "must have" for the summer!
  1. LIGHTEN MAKE-UP. The summer make-up routine must avoid products with a too heavy and compact texture which can clog the pores damaging the skin. Therefore, prefer coloring creams and BB creams to opaque foundations and frequently hydrate the lips with a lip balm that enhances their color and plumpness . For a final touch: a little blush on the cheeks and powder , essential for mattifying the T-zone . And for a sweat and humidity proof look, try a make-up fixer .

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