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CHRISTMAS PROMO: gift ideas, immediate discounts and free shipping

For your Christmas purchases 5 euro immediate discount and free shipping with a minimum order of 30 €

With only 5 cents more you also get the kit to wrap your gifts!

>>> Fast shipping within 2-3 business days

Giving Christmas gifts has never been easier. Beauty, well-being, personal and home care: on you will find a vast assortment of items, for all tastes and all ages. Choose your favorite products, once you reach €30 in your cart, you will receive an automatic discount of €5 and you will be entitled to free shipping and a gift wrapping kit.

Explore the collections: body and face treatments, beauty creams and serums, nail polish, make-up, accessories, essential oils, fragrances, room diffusers, linen perfume, hygiene products, products for pets and much more.


If you are undecided or are looking for some ideas, let yourself be inspired by our suggestions:

HOME FRAGRANCES : New "Sensations" collection - Ambient Diffuser with Sticks (6 fragrances, 250 ml or 100 ml formats). Both in the maxi format (promotion at €9.50) and in the standard format (€4.20) it is the perfect gift to express a wish or an emotion. Choose between: Purity, Ecstasy, Success, Harmony, Desire, Seduction.

MAKE UP : Golden Rose professional eyeshadow palette . From metallic to matte, from the strongest and brightest colors to the warmest and softest ones: a gift idea that everyone will like, both lovers of natural make-up and lovers of gritty looks. €19.90

BEAUTY TREATMENTS : The new line of Face Creams and Face Serums with organic ingredients is ideal for those who love to take care of their skin naturally. Formulated for 99% with ingredients of natural origin: no dyes, no parabens, no paraffins, no palm oil, no GMOs, no SLS, no SLES. Both cream and serum € 5.60

WELL- BEING : Oil 31 , Tea Tree Oil , Castor Oil , essential oils with a thousand uses, real well-being elixirs, each with specific properties: emollient, balsamic, relaxing, curative. Ideal for those who love the benefits of nature. €9.00

FOR HIM & FOR HER : Body Massage Natural Oil , with the new line of eudermic body oils, massage becomes a revitalizing cuddle. Thanks to the components of natural origin and the seductive fragrances, they are real concentrates of well-being that caress the senses and give relief to the body. Their delicate formulation also makes them suitable for even the most sensitive areas and for sensual massages. €8.50

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Each GIFT PACK KIT contains:

- Satin gift bag, red colour, 25x40 cm

- Ticket and envelope, red colour

- Star-shaped bow, red color

- 2 envelope closing labels, gold colour

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