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Remote Valentine's Day? Write a love letter!

…And follow our advice for a super romantic day.

Over the past year, couples living in a long-distance relationship have been put to the test by the health emergency and territorial limitations.

Being able to keep the flame of love alive, despite the technological tools at our disposal, is not easy at all. Yet sometimes a small gesture, an affectionate phrase, a sweet thought is enough... and the heart beats again even when traveling thousands of kilometres!

And what can be more romantic and poetic than a love letter ? A unique gift, with an ancestral flavor yet always current and welcome, which manages to imprint the dedication of one person towards another on a simple sheet of paper, allowing one to gather thoughts and give shape to one's feelings. In the act of writing we finally take time just for ourselves, in this hectic age that always requires us to be hyper-connected and hyper-active. So what might seem like the most traditional gift is actually the most revolutionary!

Precisely for this reason we wanted to rediscover and enhance this wonderful instrument of love, giving anyone who buys a Valentine's gift from the Lady Venezia online shop the opportunity to send us the text of a letter or dedication: we will take care of layout, print and send the letter together with the chosen gift .

Just two simple steps:

  1. Buy your favorite products on to give to your sweetheart. Or, if you still don't know what to get, choose one of the two " TOTAL BODY BOX " or a " GIFT VOUCHER " worth 30 euros (but you will only pay 24!).
  2. Send us a private message on our Facebook or Instagram pages with the text of your letter or even with a short dedication.

The most beautiful letters will also be published on our social channels!

And if you want to make your Valentine's Day even more special, to shorten the distance and feel closer, here are some small ideas to take as inspiration:

The classic video call… but as if it were an appointment!

We've made a lot of videocalls during this time, but a remote Valentine's Day deserves special attention! Video calling is a must, but pajamas off: dressing nice, putting on make-up for girls and looking good in general, as well as cheering up, will create the atmosphere of a real date. Taking care of your appearance, not only for yourself, but also for your partner, can be very romantic…

At dinner together, even remotely!

Doing the same thing at the same time always helps us feel closer. So why give up Valentine's Day dinner, even if it's a video call? Just cook your favorite dish, set the table in an elegant way, make the room more intimate by lighting it with candles and soft lights. Finally, place your smartphone or computer in front of you and you're done. It's not as nice as when you're together, but it's always nice to eat in company!

Virtual cinema

Do you miss curling up on the sofa and watching your favorite movie for the umpteenth time? If the distance that separates you prevents you, there are technological solutions that could be right for you. In fact, there are several computer apps that allow you to synchronize the viewing of the same film between several people, to be able to watch the same scenes at the same time… and obviously comment on them on call!

Love is stronger than difficulties, for this reason we wish you to spend your Valentine's Day in the best possible way, but above all to overcome this period of distance to start again soon, closer and united than ever!

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