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Can you pack your suitcase? Here are the ideas that will change your vacation

Seven moves to travel light without missing anything

Packing your suitcase well is the first step for a peaceful holiday . If having everything you need with you will certainly be an irreplaceable convenience, burdening yourself with superfluous objects is often annoying as well as useless. In addition to the choice of things to bring, their organization and arrangement is also crucial. Let's see together the essential steps for a perfect suitcase!

  1. MAKE A LIST. The first thing to do is think of everything you need and put it in writing: not only will it help you concentrate and make up your mind but it will help us not to forget anything. Before we leave, just take a look at the list.
  1. LEAVE SPACE BLANK. For many, shopping is an essential component of the trip. Clothes, souvenirs, typical foods, duty free items: do you really want to give up all this? Remove a couple of kilos from your outgoing suitcase to make room for the memories and gifts you'll bring back!
  1. BRING ONLY THE ESSENTIALS. Are we sure I will use it? If the answer is no, leave it at home without delay! High-heeled shoes that we've never worn or jewelry that's too heavy are examples of things we can give up. Every time you put something in your suitcase, always ask yourself: can I do without it?
  1. COUNT THE CHANGES DAY BY DAY. Seven days of vacation = seven changes. It is useless to put clothes in bulk, just arrange them on a shelf and organize them according to the number of days. The only exception: the extra change for gala evenings and special occasions.
  1. BRING YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHES AND COORDINATE COLORS. It doesn't matter the destination, whether it's an excursion or a beach, the watchword is always comfort. So bring the clothes you feel comfortable with and that you can combine with each other more easily. For example, when choosing shoes and accessories, ask yourself if you can match them with all the clothes you've packed. If the answer is yes, you did a great job!
  1. ONION CLOTHING. Always check the weather before leaving, if the weather is uncertain or variable, opt for the "onion" option: sweaters, sweatshirts, scarves and foulards will be perfect for covering up if necessary, adapting the outfit to the temperature even in case of excursions day-night thermals.
  1. SMALL OBJECTS. It is useless to bring an entire bottle of shampoo or toothpaste: it is better to opt for the mini packs or transfer the products into travel containers.

Here are some Lady Venezia products in compact format, useful and comfortable to take with you:

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