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5 natural remedies to fight tiredness and recover from seasonal ailments

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Exhaustion, lack of energy, mental fatigue, impaired concentration, insomnia, body aches, colds, sore throats and frequent headaches. They are signals that our body sends us to ask us to stop and find some time for ourselves.

Between seasonal ailments , Coronavirus infections, forced isolation and increasingly frequent anxiety and sleep disorders in the population, millions of people in Italy currently suffer from a generalized malaise from which they struggle to recover.

Recovering psychophysical well-being is not easy, especially when the daily routine oppresses us and we are subject to severe emotional stress. Yet sometimes a few simple steps are enough to take care of yourself.

Here are 5 natural remedies to regain energy and regenerate the body.

  1. Mediterranean diet, lots of water and little alcohol

Calibrated on the basis of one's metabolism and habits, a correct diet must give the right nourishment but also satisfy the taste. There's a reason why our Mediterranean diet is considered a UNESCO heritage site: it is in fact the closest thing to an optimal diet. Lots of vegetables, some fruit and cereals, low-fat milk and derivatives, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onions, spices and aromatic herbs instead of salt, protein from fish and legumes in adequate portions, red and cold cuts in moderate quantities. The universal rule of drinking lots of water (about 2 liters a day) is always valid, reducing sweets and alcohol as much as possible.

  1. Consciously ventilate the house and expose yourself to the sun

Too much time indoors or in poorly ventilated and poorly lit rooms can increase the risk of getting sick. Airing out rooms from time to time, spending time outdoors and exposing yourself to sunlight (in moderation) is a real panacea for our immune system and for our mind. 15-20 minutes in the sun at least 4 days a week is enough, uncovering the face, arms and legs. However, to activate the synthesis of vitamin D it is necessary to be outdoors. For example, did you know that sunbathing through a glass does not produce any positive effects?

  1. Supplements, decongestants and natural anti-inflammatories

When we feel low or debilitated, there are many natural resources that we can exploit before resorting to drugs. Together with energizing supplements (for example ginseng, guarana or vitamins of group B) and supplements against tiredness (magnesium and potassium, royal jelly or ginkgo biloba) an essential oil with extraordinary therapeutic properties is depopulating the market: Oil 31 . Depending on the uses, it can in fact exert a stimulating, analgesic, antiseptic, pain-relieving or relaxing action. In addition to treating the body, it can be used to sanitize the house, all the details in this article .

Another highly requested and effective product is Tea Tree Oil : antifungal, emollient, mucolytic, fluidifying and expectorant: a balm for the respiratory tract perfect for fumigation against stuffy nose.

On the other hand, to fight back pain, pain and inflammation in the muscles, neck and joints, a valid help comes from creams based on calendula , devil's claw and arnica . Two other highly requested formulations are those called “ tiger balm ” (which contains menthol, camphor, cassia and clove oil) and “ horse balm ”, warming and relaxing, based on extracts of chamomile, lemon balm, leaves grapevine, horse chestnut, yarrow, hops, valerian, fennel and camphor.

  1. A bit of healthy relaxation, even at home, with massages and skincare

Sometimes taking a break is worth more than a thousand supplements: a walk, a chat with a friend, dedicating yourself to a hobby or even simply carving out time to take care of yourself, comfortably at home. A beauty routine that includes relaxing or energizing medicinal creams and massages based on natural oils is an excellent way to ease physical tension and relax the mind.

Try our Natural Oil Body Massages, also suitable for the most sensitive areas: in case of tiredness and flu symptoms we recommend the formula with eucalyptus (balsamic and refreshing) or vitamin C (purifying and revitalising).

  1. Cultivate friendships and don't underestimate social relationships

When we feel bad or in a bad mood we tend to isolate ourselves and withdraw into ourselves. Neglecting friendships, moving away from family members and dwelling on one's thoughts is the most wrong thing one can do in these cases: in fact, our immune system benefits not only from physical and mental well-being but also from social well-being!

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