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Olio 31, the panacea for health that cannot be missing at home

What are the uses and benefits of this wonderful natural remedy

Try Lady Venezia's 31 made in Italy oil, available in packs with or without dropper .

It is depopulating on the market thanks to its extraordinary therapeutic properties: oil 31 is one of the most requested, versatile and effective products for the care and well-being of the person . It is a skilful mix of oils and medicinal herb extracts which, combined together, produce beneficial effects in various situations. Depending on the needs and uses, in fact, oil 31 can exert a stimulating, analgesic, antiseptic, refreshing, pain-relieving or relaxing action . In addition to treating the body, it can be used to sanitize the house.

The ancient Swiss recipe , born among the peaks of the Alps, strategically combines 31 natural ingredients including essential oils, herbs, berries and roots , exploiting the synergy between these elements to amplify the relative active ingredients. The success of this product lies precisely in the blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, mint crispa, anise, sweet orange, rosemary, cinnamon, thyme, cloves, pine pumillo, Scots pine, fennel, lemongrass, myrrh, lemon balm, nutmeg, ginseng, sage, dill, alpinia, verbena, vanilla, rosewood, menthol, lemon, tea tree, violet, garlic, cumin, mace and benzoin.

The practical applications are countless and regular use of this exceptional product can improve a person's well-being, from physical health to mood . Here are some examples.

  • Headache: by massaging the forehead and neck with a few drops, you can get quick relief from migraine.
  • Muscle pains : thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, oil 31 relieves ailments of various kinds (joints, cervical, lumbar, etc.).
  • Flu symptoms : given its antibacterial, balsamic and expectorant power, oil 31 can be used in case of colds, coughs and other problems related to the respiratory tract, by inhalation and aerosol, applied on handkerchiefs and pillows or even directly near the nostrils. Massaging the forehead, chest and throat with a few drops of product also helps to breathe better.
  • Dental hygiene : gargling with oil 31 is a valid aid against halitosis, gingival inflammation, poor oral hygiene and toothache.
  • Dysmenorrhea : massaging the lower abdomen with a few drops of product helps to alleviate menstrual pain.
  • Skin care and disinfection : applied directly to the skin, oil 31 has a firming and reactivating action, helping to fight acne, stretch marks and wrinkles. It can give relief after depilation or shaving and in case of insect bites and minor wounds.
  • Hair care : adding a few drops to shampoo, oil 31 helps prevent dandruff and soothe scalp irritations.
  • Relaxation and well-being : at the end of the day or after sporting activity, there is nothing better than a calming and relaxing massage with 31 oil (pure or diluted) or a regenerating and aromatherapy bath, obtained by pouring a few drops of product in the tub water.
  • Mood : many people benefit from its energizing and invigorating action which also affects the sensory and emotional sphere.
  • Hygiene of rooms and laundry : oil 31 is also suitable for disinfecting and perfuming the air and linen.

In short, a universal remedy that you just can't do without!

Try Lady Venezia's 31 made in Italy oil, available in packs with or without dropper .

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