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Fall 2021 make-up, trendy colors and products

All the must haves of the new season for a killer make-up

The change of season is not just a question of wardrobes and drawers, but also of beauty cases! If renewing your make-up is recommended at least a couple of times a year to discard any products that are out of date or in bad condition, the arrival of the new season can be an excellent opportunity to do some decluttering and take a look to new trends .

From the great classics to the delicious novelties, let's see all the must haves for autumn 2021!

FACE BASE natural and luminous

First step: the face base. Trends want it neutral, almost transparent, respecting one's complexion, with a touch of light. Matting yes, but only in the right places, in order to create a nude and radiant effect.

Recommended products:

Highlighter - 4 Shades

Liquid Highlighter - 6 Colors

BB Creams 5 in 1

Shaded EYESHADOW, warm and pink tones

Smokey eyes, the shaded eye make-up that gives intensity and sensuality to the look, does not set. As far as colors are concerned, warmer tones and pinks (peach and champagne) are in vogue, with a glossy touch on the lids.

Recommended products:

Golden Rose Eyeshadow Palette


Winged and intense EYELINER

Strictly with an upward tail (clean or shaded), the fall 2021 eyeliner embellishes the look by favoring intense black or bright and bright colors such as cobalt blue

Recommended products:

Black Eyeliner 6ml

LIPS nude, contoured or intense

Despite the masks, lipsticks are the absolute protagonists of the new season. If the iconic red never goes out of fashion, nude lipsticks, glosses and 90s contoured lips are also making a comeback. However, there are also intense tones such as burgundy, purple and burgundy, perfect for the evening both opaque and glossed and shimmery.

Recommended products:

Liquid Lipstick - 4 Colors

Lip Gloss - 2 Shades

Lady Venezia - "Iconic Lips" Lipsticks 8 Colors

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