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The care and beauty of nails in winter

Trendy tips, remedies, colors and nail polishes for 2021

"Remember men that women are only impotent until the nail polish has dried." Thus, with one of his brilliant jokes, Woody Allen wanted to seal the overflowing energy of women… but also their attention to an impeccable manicure!

The hands are in fact a sort of business card of the person, being, together with the face and hair, the most exposed part of the body, even in winter, when we are more dressed up. However , taking care of hands , nails and cuticles is not only a matter of aesthetics , but also of health . Our nails need additional attention in the cold season, since temperature changes, humidity and - due to Covid - the regular use of alcohol-based sanitizers can compromise their condition.

To always have healthy and well-groomed nails, just take a few simple tricks and then, of course, tune into the latest trends!

Let's start with the cuticles

The first step for a perfect manicure is the care of the cuticle, i.e. the part of the skin that protects the nail root area, which is crucial in ensuring good growth conditions. Neglecting this area also means increasing the possibility of incurring inflammation, since it also has the function of hindering the penetration of bacteria and impurities.

Password: hydration

To keep nails strong and resistant, hydration is essential. The advice is to drink lots of water, follow a balanced diet and use moisturizing creams and products to apply on hands and nails, especially in winter, after each contact with water. To maintain optimal conditions it is important to protect your hands with gloves both during housework and in the case of long exposure to cold.

Natural or sparkling? The trends for winter 2020-2021

Classic or eccentric, light or dark, elegant or aggressive: trendy manicures for the winter period satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The protagonists will be the dark colors : among these different shades of purple, from the more intense and bright ones to the softer and more refined ones such as lavender. Among the trends to try : denim (a sophisticated color between blue and gray), dark green, petrol, dark gray, midnight blue, intense chocolate and black. For lovers of the great classics , there is no shortage of timeless red, burgundy and rouge noir nuances, versatile colors that are also suitable for short nails. Prefer the warmer and darker shades. Among the most particular trends we find metallic enamels in gold and silver tones , perfect for the most festive moments. Although winter manicures prefer strong and intense colors, natural nails will be another great must of the season, especially nude, beige, hazelnut, milky white and shades of pink. Delicious to try the rose gold.

As for the shape, the trends lean towards the almond shape. But for a simple and lasting manicure, the advice is to focus on shorter nails, easy to manage and always refined.

In short, lots of ideas and lots of cues to give vent to one's imagination.

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