Dimmi che piedi hai e ti dirò chi sei: quando lo stato di salute dei piedi si riflette su tutto il corpo - Lady Venezia Shop

Tell me what feet you have and I'll tell you who you are: when the health of your feet affects the whole body

From massages to creams, tips for taking care of our feet

The discomfort of the feet is reflected on the whole body , which is why it is important to take care of them on a daily basis, constantly. In fact, many people neglect their feet, or even have never taken care of them. Paying due attention can instead help prevent or mitigate some disorders and pathologies. But it's never too late: here are some useful tips for learning to love yourself, from head to toe!

The condition of our feet can often reveal the health of our bodies. It can also help understand how our internal organs are doing. Wanting to simplify, the foot can be divided into "sectors" as if they were the projections of certain parts of the body. For example, the spine is "connected" to the inner side of the feet , so a massage on this area, applying pressure precisely to the points where you feel the most pain, can have positive effects on your back.

The area corresponding to the intestine would instead be found in the heel . Problems on this part of the feet, such as calluses or excessive dryness and cracking, can be a symptom of an intestinal problem. Again, a massage on the area can bring benefits.

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Always cold feet? Also in this case, it could be determined by intestinal problems (lazy intestine) or that the digestive system is excessively strained. Nutrition care in this case certainly helps in the long term, while for instant relief you can prepare foot baths with hot water and essential oils.

The feet not only support the body and keep it balanced, but they are also important for circulation . Often a wrong shoe is enough to damage our feet and consequently the well-being of the whole body. If walking is certainly a panacea for circulation, doing it with the wrong footwear, too tight, with heels that are too high or too low, can be detrimental. A simple test that can be done to understand if you are wearing a suitable shoe is to remove the insole, place it on the ground and place the foot on it: if it comes out of the edges, the shoe will most likely cause us pain.

What if the damage is already done? A pedicure is certainly not enough, but some exercises and precautions can help us recover and feel better, after having first turned - preferably - to a podiatrist, especially if the problem is serious.

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