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Is the tan already fading? Here's how to stay tanned even after the holidays

Diet, exfoliation, hydration, the secrets of a "long lasting tan"

Even if the holidays are already over or are coming to an end, it is not certain that we have to say goodbye to the tan. In fact, the warm season can give us a few more beautiful days and, despite having returned to the office or no longer having the possibility of frequent sun exposure, it is possible to prolong the tan, keeping the skin as bright, hydrated and healthy-looking as possible. Here are our recommendations:

1. Let's start with the diet , an aspect that many underestimate: foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C will help regulate melanin production, counteract the oxidizing action of ultraviolet rays and protect the skin. Just to give a few examples of favorite foods: carrots, peaches, melons, apricots, but also tomatoes, watermelon or cherries, strawberries, kiwis, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

2. Hot or cold bath? Scrub yes or scrub no? To keep your tan at its best, it is advisable to avoid washing with too hot water which would dry out and dehydrate the epidermis. It is therefore better to prefer fresh, tepid or room temperature water. The hot bath can wait a few more weeks! Exfoliation, contrary to what one might think, does not remove color from our skin (in fact, melanin is formed in depth and not on the surface). Indeed, by eliminating dead cells, a scrub a week helps keep the skin tanned and shiny. However, it is better to choose formulations that are not too aggressive, both for scrubs and detergents.

Pineapple Body Scrub
Almond Body Scrub

    3. Password: hydration. Prolonged exposure to the sun requires special attention to the level of hydration of our skin. In order to have a golden and non-opaque complexion, it is in fact necessary to apply a moisturizer regularly, morning and evening, or even continue to apply after-sun. If the skin is very dry, it is also possible to use more nourishing products or special oils to be applied after the shower. For the face, on the other hand, it is preferable to opt for hyaluronic acid-based creams and serums, which prolong the moisturizing effect as well as exerting an anti-aging action.

    Spumone After Sun with Aloe Vera and Chamomile Soothing and Calming
    Spumone After Sun with Pineapple and Papaya Soothing and Purifying
    Mango Moisturizing and Nourishing Body Cream
    Toning Body Cream with Black Juniper

      4. The "makeup" is also in the make-up. First of all, it is recommended to avoid using perfumes which, containing alcohol, tend to dry the skin causing flaking. A valid alternative are creams and scented waters or essential oils, to be applied behind the ears and on the wrists. As for the make-up base and the colors to choose, it is good to opt for shades similar to your current complexion: between BB and CC creams, colored creams, bronzers and illuminating blushes, you'll be spoiled for choice. Even cosmetics can help us enhance and uniform the tan.

      BB Creams 5 in 1
      Liquid Foundation - 6 Shades
      Earth Sun Glow - 4 Shades
      Fard Blush - 4 Shades
      Highlighter - 4 Shades

        5. Last but not least: the sun, of course! In fact, if the weather allows it, taking advantage of the last flashes of sun will help us preserve the luminosity and tone of our tan. Even without having to put on a bathing suit, a short walk in the open air or some time spent on the terrace with your face, arms and chest uncovered will not only stimulate the production of melanin but will do the whole body good. 20 minutes a day is enough, just don't forget to always apply the protective cream to protect the skin from the damage that the sun can cause to the skin.

        Face & Body Sun Spray with Beta Carotene and Walnut Hull
        Tanning Spumone with Carrot and Coconut Water for Medium-Light Skin
        Tanning Spumone with Beer and Olive Oil for Dark Skin
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