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Why is water so important for cosmetics?

Not just hydration: the secrets of a real beauty ingredient...

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water ”, said the American philosopher and professor Loren Eiseley. And we need this magic every day, more than we imagine.

Almost all cosmetic products for skincare and personal care contain it: in fact , water is not only a source of hydration but also of beauty and health . Creams, detergents, make-up, deodorants, sanitizers, toothpastes, hair products… They all have in common, in their formulation, the presence of water, which performs the function of solvent for ingredients that bring certain benefits, or, for example , creates emulsions by combining with oily ingredients forming the basis for many creams and lotions.

Water is essential for the body as it is the basis of all physiological processes. Skin dehydration should always be avoided and prevented , both indirectly (limiting evaporation) and directly (using products that contain hygroscopic substances). Cosmetics exploit both methods, direct and indirect, to ensure that the skin is able to absorb and retain as much water as possible . Many active substances are also conveyed by cosmetic products thanks to water.

Skincare is important, but never forget to drink ! The microelements and mineral salts dissolved in the water perform an irreplaceable function of hydration of the skin, acting from within: these nutrients are in fact transported, through the capillaries, to the external organs, helping to reach an optimal level of hydration.

Lady Venezia products contain only purified and demineralised water, for safe and long-lasting hydration!

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