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Set Night Face Cream + Lifting Serum - Protective treatment for young skin

Set Night Face Cream + Lifting Serum - Protective treatment for young skin

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The "PROTECTIVE NIGHT" set for young skin (5% Hyaluronic Acid) it's the perfect combination for an effective, simple and relaxing evening skincare, like a cuddle before going to bed. Is composed by: 

  • - Protective Night moisturizing face cream (30 ml), acts in depth promoting skin regeneration, guaranteeing a relaxed and natural appearance. It has a light texture that absorbs quickly without greasing.
  • - Protective Night moisturizing facial serum (6 ml), specific for the face and eye contour area, slows down photoaging and prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles. The face is well-groomed, bright and compact. Used every day, it makes the skin hydrated and supple.

  • PROPERTIES OF HYALURONIC ACID: thanks to its active ingredients, it gives the skin elasticity, protection and resistance, maintaining hydration while protecting the tissues. Stimulates anti-aging processes, reducing visible wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the face. 


  • - Face cream: apply the cream after removing make-up and cleansing the skin, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Leave to act until waking up. 
  • - Face serum: apply on perfectly cleansed and dry face. Use alone or in combination with the night face cream, dispensing and distributing a few drops of product on the affected areas, being careful not to get too close to the eyes. 


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