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Anti-cellulite Body and Buttocks Cream - Draining & Firming - 250 ml

Anti-cellulite Body and Buttocks Cream - Draining & Firming - 250 ml

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Body Lifting Cream - Body cream with organic ingredients

Caffeine, Guarana Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract and Pineapple Extract

Lady Venezia Anti-Cellulite Body and Buttocks Cream is a draining and firming treatment to combat cellulite blemishes. Thanks to its formulation it actively stimulates microcirculation. Ideal for the body and buttocks, it helps protect and hydrate the skin, making it more compact, elastic and luminous. Promotes tissue tonicity and revitalizes the epidermis. Ideal for tired and dull skins that have an "orange peel" effect.

Fragrance: water flowers.

HOW TO USE: Apply in the evening before going to sleep, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Suitable for all skin types.

Formulated for 99% with ingredients of natural origin


no dyes - no parabens - no paraffins - no palm oil - no ogm - no sls - no sles


CAFFEINE . It helps the body burn the fatty tissue deposits that cause cellulite. It also has draining properties that help remove and dispose of liquids that stagnate between the tissues. It is rich in anti-oxidants which make it an active anti-aging cosmetic, counteracting the degenerative action of free radicals, considered the main causes of skin ageing.

GUARANA EXTRACT . Known for its slimming, astringent, toning and anti-aging properties. Gives a purifying action, ideal for oily or combination skin. It has a high lipolytic action e anti-cellulite on localized adiposities, as it stimulates the nervous system to start the process of lipolysis, which consists in the dissolution and subsequent elimination of lipids (fats).

HORSE CHESTNUT EXTRACT . Thanks to its properties, it facilitates the elimination of excess liquids which are the basis of multiple blemishes such as cellulite, veno-lymphatic stasis, "orange peel" skin, sensitive skin, slowed down microcirculation, swelling, heaviness, pain and tingling of the limbs inferior. It has a draining and decongestant effect on the tissues.

PINEAPPLE EXTRACT . It favors the drainage of body fluids and therefore represents a valid ally to reduce water retention and fight cellulite blemishes. It also has other beneficial effects on the skin: the vitamins and antioxidants present in this fruit manage to keep the skin smooth and fresh for longer.


Made in Italy

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